May 10, 2016

From manually typing to value-adding control


Nasarius specializes in Treasury. The company's focus is a combination of consulting and system implementation, and customers are mainly large companies that operate globally. It potentially provides a lot of manual work associated with among other invoice processing. The global focus also means that Nasarius' employees live and work in many countries. As such, travels and many travel reimbursements  are a regular part of the everyday life for the employees.


Nasarius, therefore, had a desire to automate and optimize their processes across invoice handling, travel and expense management. The goal was to go from spending time on manual typing to instead focus on control and optimization. It is simply more exciting work and it creates more value for the company.



“We wanted to make life easier for our employees who generally not feel that controlling of expenses is the funniest thing they can do. At the same time we could see a large potential for optimization carried out in very tangible time savings within electronic invoice management, invoice scanning, travel expenses and employee expenses. So, we started to look for a provider that could help us with that. Having been in dialogue with several, we chose Ibistic. The election gave really themselves because they just had the best and most flexible solution..”



— Mads Bohnstedt-Petersen, Finance & Accounting Responsible I Nasarius



Ibistic automatically creates 90 % of the bookkeeping

Two of the key words for Nasarius has been automation and easy integration with the accounting system. And this is exactly what Nasarius has got.



“If you have the right integration and setup, Ibistic actually delivers 90% of your bookkeeping. You also get a lot of logic applied to your bookkeping via Ibistic. It’s pretty smart because it saves you so much time. For example, Ibistic handle many currencies. When one of our consultants live in Switzerland, he is not very happy to see his figures in Danish kroner, but Ibistic’s system automatically handle the conversion. This goes all the way from invoice approvals to account entries and billing.




Mads Bohnstedt-Petersen, Finance & Accounting Responsible I Nasarius



Tailored SAP integration

When Nasarius at some point chose to follow the majority of its customers by introducing SAP, there was naturally a consideration in terms of whether the SAP solution should replace Ibistic. However, it was not really up for debate. The overall satisfaction with Ibistic did that exercise came to be about how best to create a customised solution with optimal integration between the systems.


“Of course there were challenges in the beginning, but there are always challenges in system integrations. Today we have a fairly sophisticated solution that works really well. We have for example via a special programming solution in SAP created an automated solution for internal accounting of resources between different companies in the group. It’s a feature that really provides value.”



— Mads Bohnstedt-Petersen, Finance & Accounting Responsible I Nasarius



User-friendly and time-saving

Mads Bohnstedt-Petersen's conclusion is that Ibistic is a user-friendly and recommendable system.



“The systems have great ease of use, and it saves us probably a huge amount of time that we can spend on more value-adding tasks. It is also a great advantage for us that Ibistic helps to create consistency in our processes and documents. This makes it easier to find errors and correct them quickly.”



— Mads Bohnstedt-Petersen, Finance & Accounting Responsible I Nasarius


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