November 9, 2017

Essential Tool during Explosive Growth


The Danish Company Adform has experienced rapid market changes both nationally and internationally in an arena with high growth potential. The main product is a platform that allows advertisers and bureaus to plan, buy and measure the impact of their online or digital advertising. The company’s success is primarily due to an agile organisational behaviour, amongst other places, in the accounting department in which the internal processes also have received digital upgrades to be able to follow suit.

Even though digitisation has been central for increasing efficiency in the industry and office administration for many years, it is still in its early stages. The further you go in that direction, the more opportunities are revealed, and creating new initiatives. It is a challenge for any business to adapt to, as it is necessary to be an agile organisation to get past old routines and adapt to modern rapid changes. Adform is a company that has taken this challenge and create and deliver digital services for advertising, so that they would not impede their heavy and demanding growth. Even though a business in growth is a positive experience, sometimes it may also bring certain challenges - if the company is not able to react. 

Administrative processes should not be a barrier for growth. This was exactly the challenge that Adform was facing. Fortunately, Adform's accounting department was nothing but agile - and quickly realised that there was something here that could quickly escalate if not acted upon promptly – and therefor reacted accordingly. Thus, to handle a five times growth over the last five years, they have implemented and used Ibistic Invoice System to handle the increasing flow of incoming invoices.



“At Adform, we experienced significant growth during the years 2012-2016 – it put pressure on our administrative departments, but we quickly realised that the current solutions were not effective enough. That is why we started looking for a solution. Ibistics’ Invoice System was a clear answer to our search. With online and automated handling of our invoices, we got a clearer structure and a faster workflow which was necessary to keep track of the company’s development.”



— Karsten Bjerregaard, CFO Adform



Multiplicity in the corporate culture is no challenge. When an international business grows at this pace it can be rather challenging to link the departments across countries.


our needs – and all our departments can suits"Ibistic’s platform has the necessary language options that therefor make good use of the solution. One single system to manage all incoming supplier invoices or creditor invoices”, says Karsten Bjerregaard, CFO Adform.



Uniform processes - especially when dealing with financial challenges, in which many parties are involved - are crucial for the company’s ability to perform and adjust to the new needs that also follow suit during a time of high growth.


Effective handling of attachments across borders. Adform is represented in 18 different countries worldwide. But the company centralised the accounting function into one place. With Ibistic, the international company can easily process invoices across countries and continents.



“The solution saves us time. It is of utmost importance when the pace is this high in all departments of the company in this kind of process. In addition, the use of the solution minimises errors and thereby financial loss, which certainly is of great significance to us.”



— Karsten Bjerregaard, CFO Adform

Cost in focus – along with scalability. The company’s success is built on a sustainable service model, good customer relations, a lasting focus on costs and a scalable business model. The focus on costs and scalability has been the focal point in switching to automated solutions also in the accounting department at Adform – in plain compliance with the overall business strategy.


The model at Ibistic, where everything is done via the web with notifications to the individual user, ensures that there is always control over who should handle what - and where the attachment or document is located.



About Adform. Adform was founded in Denmark in 2002 and is one of the world's largest private and independent advertising technology companies. With offices in 18 countries, Adform has more than 750 employees globally throughout Europe, North America, MENA and APAC.

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